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Melanie Williams

Mel uses the ancient Greek art form of encaustic painting.

“My medium of choice is encaustic wax. I use hot and cold tools to create unique work. Hot wax, fire and pigments is magical. I find painting with wax has so many dimensions - individual layers of medium can be translucent and shiny or rugged and gnarled. I so enjoy the complexity of this medium.”

Melanie sets down layers of pure beeswax, damar resin and pigments to create texture and a weave of wax. Melanie says, “When I wield the blow torch over the wax I am totally absorbed by the process. The wax flows organically in mysterious ways and I am inspired and excited by the unpredictability of the results. It's alchemy with fire!”

Mel’s passion is the scenery of Snowdonia and her work is sold both locally and internationally. As well as Mel’s original artwork we also stock limited edition prints and cards.

You can keep updated with Mel’s work on her Instagram feed or website