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Tom Davies, a Welshman born and bred, was a state scholar at University College Cardiff where he graduated with honours in Philosophy. He has been a seaman on ships around Australia and Africa, a social worker in the Lower East Side of New York, and was the first graduate to be sent to Indonesia and Malaya by Voluntary Service Overseas.

He later trained as a journalist with the Western Mail, the national newspaper of Wales, and went to work on the Sunday Times on Atticus, the Sunday Telegraph as a feature writer and the Observer where he was their diarist Pendennis.

He became a full-time writer in 1982 and has since written 18 books which include Merlyn the Magician and the Pacific Coast Highway, which was shortlisted for the Thomas Cook travel prize and recently acclaimed by Bono, the front man of U2, as being the one book that changed his life. Black Sunlight, his best-selling novel, was set in the 1984 miners' strike and Stained Glass Hours, his pilgrimage narrative, won the Winifred Mary Stanford prize for the best book with a religious theme.

He has written five books about various pilgrimages including those to Compostela and Rome.

Tom's latest book, Bush Revelations, is an account of his year-long journey around Australia in a Winnebago when he not only fell in love with the beautiful and furious landscapes of this wonderful country but is also shocked by the violence-loving media there which in his opinion, is guilty of spreading violence all over the world including the attacks in Paris and others throughout Europe and Asia. See his writings on Facebook (Tom Davies Author).

Married with three sons, he lives in Bala, North Wales.



One Winter of the Holy Spirit

The Electric Harvest

Black Sunlight

Fire in the Bay

I, Conker

The Secret Sex Life of Polly Garter

The Tyranny of Ghosts


Merlyn the Magician and the Pacific Coast Highway

Stained Glass Hours

Landscapes of Glory

The Celtic Heart

Wild Skies and Celtic Paths

The Road to the Stars


The Man of Lawlessness

The Visions of Caradoc


The Reporter's Tale


One Winter of the Holy Spirit

It's the bleak winter of 1904 and cockle gatherer Michael Evans has a chance meeting with Beth Williams, an enigmatic beauty, on the sands of Penclawdd. Michael believes that the new socialism is the future and Beth looks to the chapel for answers.

Local miner-turned-preacher Evan Roberts fashions a mighty religious revival which empties the pubs and fills the chapels. Beth takes Evan's side as the revival continues its irrestistible march and soon becomes enmeshed in the movement's astonishing hysteria.

While Beth remains frustratingly out of reach, Michael pursues her throughout Wales and slowly uncovers her tragic past and terrible burden of guilt. He offers her shelter in the aftermath of the revival's storm. But she is a broken bird and he can only make her whole if she will let him...

Fire in the Bay

The First World war has ended and many of the dispossessed find themselves beached in the teeming slum of Tiger Bay in Cardiff's Dockland. And a different war begins...

In this racial cauldron Sophie James, a young Somali whore, plies her dangerous trade and the idealistic Rev Nathan James, believing himself called to God to work among the warring races, wrestles with poverty and prejudice. Overshadowing their lives and growing relationship is the evil enigmatic figure of the rich ship owner Hamilton.

On one level this is the story of a doomed love, on another it charts the rise of a legendary singer and on yet another it tells of how the capital city of Wales grew out of blood, coal, jazz and fire.

The Secret Sex Life of Polly Garter

Set in New Quay, West Wales, during the Second World War, when a trickle of odd characters, including Dylan and Caitlin Thomas, are escaping to get out of the way.

Dolly James, a woman with a pneumatic figure and shady past, turns up one morning and immediately becomes a big hit with the boys in the bar. Soon she has bestowed her wondrous favours on a series of men including Dylan himself, a Welsh Nationalist and a German U-bot captain .

Lusty and drop dead funny, Polly Garter's War is a fast-paced romp around Wales at war and little will prepare you for an end which explodes into a visionary rainbow.

Black Sunlight

Beneath the dramatic valleys of South Wales, the miners labour to wrest the black sunlight - the coal - from the unforgiving earth. But the world is changing, the mines are closing: villages, one by one, are dying. It is aganst this background that Davies weaves the story of one village - Bont - and the people who live in it.

It is the story, especially, of Glynmor and Maggie. For Glynmor life is simple - beer and sex are the bedrock of his life. But for Maggie, Glynmor is the bedrock and their stormy love, by turn bitter, farcical and passionate brings in to the world their son Huw. Born on a day of terrible catastrophe and forever scarred by it, Huw is destined to become a symbol of hope for the people of Bont.


From his teenage years in Cardiff where he struggled with attracting the full attention of his girlfriend, through working on the steamers in the Bristol Channel, being a seaman on cargo ships and University to being a social worker in New York, Davies travels the world looking for truth and finds it in a series of blistering visions in Malaya, where he worked as a teacher with VSO.

Thereafter he takes his new insight on a journey through the media, becoming a reporter for top Sunday newspapers, realising that his visions have given him a fresh understanding of the causes of violence which is so blighting the modern world. His odyssey of discovery begins in Northern Ireland at the height of the Troubles where his finds that the media, with its persistent pursuit of violence, is the cause of much of the disorder there.

The global media, which specialises in reporting the worst of everything, had become the mother and father of modern terrorism, he says. All outlets of the media have come together and conspired to set loose a tide of evil which is turning violence into the very oxygen we are all not breathing. 

To buy The Reporter's Tale (£5), The Tyranny of Ghosts (£5), One Winter of The Holy Spirit (£5), Testament (£5) or The Secret Sex Life of Polly Garter (£5) please call 01678 521 854. Please add £2.50 for p&p. Payment can be taken by card. Alternatively send a cheque to Tan yr Hall, High St, Bala LL23 7AB. Many of Tom's books are available through Amazon in print and as ebooks.

For further information about Tom Davies and his work, find him on Facebook as Tom Davies Author. See a film about Tom and his work on You Tube www. For a full description of Tom and Liz's recent Australian journey in a Winnebago see his blog